Baby Shower Cake

Baby Shower Cake

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Baby Shower Cake

Those beautiful baby shower Cakes that you wish you could make your self aren’t created with fancy tricks or gadgets. Even the most multi – tiered cakes are put together with a few basic tools and ingredients used in the “right way” that is also an easy way.

Almost of the materials needed are available at any cake decorating supply store.

Cakes are traditionally made to celebrate special occasions “the highlights of the family life”Especially in celebrating a new life to come .The Baby Shower Cake is very important. It is important that you chose the best Baby shower Cake. You can find several types of decorations and you can decide which one is the best for you.

*Successful cake decoration relies on successful cake making. By following a few simple rules and using a good recipe, you can ensure a good a good result every time.

Decorations Ideas for Baby Shower cakes

Cake in the shape of Toy Block  - Make the baby shower cake look like  toy blocks. Which normally kids like to play with.

Belly Cake - This is also another good idea.The baby shower cake will be in the format of a belly of a pregnant woman.

The theme Cake - Make the baby shower cake with the theme or like a comic character.

Baby Bib Cake - It look like a baby bib. It is also a very good idea.

And many more...  Only use your imagination…

List Of Materials Needed To Make Your Perfect Baby Shower Cake:

Spatulas – A spatula can be either a rubber or plastic paddle, or a long nobly glistening metal instrument.

Metal spatulas can be used for mixing ingredients, but have more important role in spreading and smoothing icing on a cake. Correct use of the spatula and the choice of the right spatula are essential for creating smooth decorating surface on your cake.

Water Mister – It is an indispensable tool for getting a smooth, even surface on a frosted cake with a minimum of fuss and effort. As you spread your butter cream icing with a spatula, use the mister to spray the icing with water. This keeps the icing from sticking to your spatula.

Slicing Knife–Its is used for slicing layers of filled cakes.

Pastry Bags – These are bags to pump your icing out to make all those fancy flowers,puff border on your cake. There are several kinds of pastry bags available.

Decorator’s Turntable – It allows you to work on different parts of your cake from different angles without risk of smudging or damaging the cake while moving it.

Pastry brush – It looks just like a house paint brush. It is perfect for brushing the crumbs of the cake you’re about to frost. For spreading melted chocolate when you make chocolate decorations. For dusting extra corn starch off chocolate roses. And on and on.

Couplers - It is most helpful invention since the pastry bag. They allow you to change your decoration tip without having to change the whole bag.

Tips (Also known a tube) - All the kinds and sizes of pastry bags and couples would be for naught without this final crowning element: The tip.

Tips come in so many sizes that a full array of them would be perplexing to any beginning cake decorator.

Tip brush, tip stick and tip cap – The tip brush, stick and tip cap is a good tool to keep your icing coming trough the tip the way it should.


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